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Toranomon Niku to Nihonshu

Harbour Ward, Tokyo Yakiniku

■Menu has changed since March 30!

On the first floor, we are starting a [Special Top Quality Wagyu Beef Course] using only one head of Wagyu Beef!
Starting with Wagyu black tongue,This is a special course that includes the best parts of Wagyu beef, such as Wagyu black tongue, fresh beef liver, and Wagyu halami, which is difficult to buy nowadays!
Please enjoy the taste of Wagyu beef to the fullest!

Other deals are on our Instagram, so please follow us!!

■ Hours and reservations
・Please directly contact the store regarding changes in time, the number of people, private reservations, or group bookings.
TEL 03-6550-8829

・Please note that changes in time and the number of people are generally not allowed as there may be other customers with reservations.
・Online reservations are accepted until 2:00 PM on the day. For reservations after 2:00 PM, please call us.
・If you have a wide range of allergies, we may decline your reservation. Please understand this in advance.
・Even in the event of late arrival or leaving during the reservation, the fees will not be changed.
・It is possible to reserve seats only, but up to a maximum of 4 people.
・Once the reservation is confirmed, the cancellation policy will apply in any case. Please refrain from canceling on the day of the reservation.

■ Difference between 1st floor and B1
・On the 1st floor, there are "A la carte" and "All-you-can-drink course for one head of Japanese black beef".
・B1 is self-service drinks [all-you-can-eat and drink].

*For enquiries about reservations, please contact.
■Contact Email Address


Kuroge Wagyu Beef One Head Course [all-you-can-drink]【1F】

JPY9,890 (Tax included) /guest(s)

#2 hours, last order 30 minutes before the end.
#All-you-can-drink extension is 30 minutes, 600 yen.
#Famous and hard-to-find brands are available on the 1st floor.

All-you-can-eat and drink course【1F】

JPY6,890 (Tax included) /guest(s)

*Only available on Sundays. Please note that this service is only available on Sundays.

[All-you-can-eat and drink] Standard Course (120 min.) [Underground]

JPY6,590 (Tax included) /guest(s)

#2 hours, last order 30 minutes before the end.
#All-you-can-drink extension is 30 minutes, 600 yen.

[All-you-can-eat and drink] Short Course (100 min.) [Underground]

JPY5,990 (Tax included) /guest(s)

#100-minute time limit, last order 30 minutes before the end.
#All-you-can-drink extension is 30 minutes, 600 yen.

Seat reservation only (a la carte on the day)

JPY500 (Tax included) /guest(s)

#2 hours, last order 30 minutes before end.
#Seat-only reservations are only available on the ground floor; reservations are limited to 4 persons.

■ Request regarding reservations including children:
・For all-you-can-eat and drink courses, children under preschool age are free, and elementary school students are half-price per person.
・To prepare the appropriate seating, please include the following details in the "Special Notes" section when making a reservation.
4 adults, 1 elementary school student, 2 preschool children = Total of 7 people
#If no details are provided, the charges will be calculated for 7 adults, so please be sure to include the necessary information.

■ Regarding birthday celebrations and gifts

We do not offer birthday services or provide birthday cakes. If you bring your own cake, we can serve it.
Please inform our staff directly about the timing. We do not accept the storage of birthday presents.

=== Details of All-You-Can-Eat and Drink Course ===
Thick-cut tongue aged for 30 days,Drinkable tongue] fresh, made from 30-day-aged tongue! Special beef liver, grilled Ooyama chicken with salt, kimchi, bean sprout namul, sunny lettuce, black wagyu sauce, thick-cut beef harami, mixed beef offal, domestic pork shoulder loin, rice, curry rice.

【Menu for Seconds】
Specialties! Drinkable tongue, fresh! Special liver, Daisen chicken, Black Wagyu beef Wagyu platter, Wagyu beef hormone, Samgyeopsal, Tontoro, Pork shoulder loin, Yagen cartilage, Rice, Curry rice, Sunny lettuce, Kimchi/namul set.
#The menu may change from day to day.

=== Drink Menu ===
■ 1st Floor
Sake [cold, warm, room temperature], draft beer, bottled beer, highball, lemon sour, fruit liquor, orange juice, cola, ginger ale, oolong tea, green tea, carbonated water.

■ Basement
Sake, bottled beer, highball, lemon sour, orange juice, grapefruit juice, cola, ginger ale, carbonated water.

Restaurant information




83 seats

Operation hours


Lunch: 11:30 to 14:30 (Last order at 14:00)
Dinner: 17:00 to 22:30 PM (Last order at 22:00)

【Saturday and Holidays】

Lunch: Closed
Dinner: 17:00 to 22:30 (Last order at 22:00)


Lunch: Closed
Dinner: 16:00 to 22:00 (Last order at 21:30)

Regular holiday No Rest
*The restaurant may be temporarily open or temporarily closed.

■ All-you-can-eat and drink fee for children

Preschoolers: Free
Elementary school students: Half price
Junior high school students and above: Regular price
*Children's menu is the same as the menu for seconds.
■ Request for Reservations Including Children

Please include the following information in the "Special Requests" section when making a reservation to prepare the seats:
4 adults, 1 elementary school student, 2 preschoolers = Total of 7 people
If no information is provided, the reservation will be considered for 7 adults, so please be careful.

Payment methods

Cash, credit card
paypay aupay melpay/d payment
Electronic payment Not available


Only available for those who eat the course.



Address Nishi-Shinbashi PR-EX Building, 2-4-12 Nishi-Shinbashi, Harbour Ward, Tokyo
Nearest station

JR Shimbashi station 5 min. walk
3 minutes walk from Toranomon Hills Station, Toranomon Station, Uchisaiwaicho Station.

Reservation fee (390JPY /seat) is charged upon completing a reservation.
Reservation rules
Current reservation period until Fri Sep 13 2024
Next round opens Jul 14, 2024, 00:00
Maximum frequency unlimited
Cancellation policy
on the day 100%