Notice of response to the state of emergency

Notice required by the Specified Commercial Transactions Act

Operator OMAKASE Co., Ltd
Chief Officer Shumpei Asai
Price Prices are displayed on the individual restaurant pages.
Fees other than the sales price None (Reservation fees are always charged.)
Time of payment Reservation fees and upfront payment (where applicable) are charged upon completing a reservation.
Payment methods Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)
Description of service rendered and time of service offered OMAKASE is a reservation management system for Japanese restaurants. Restaurants take reservations on OMAKASE, which charges customers JPY390 per seat for each reservation.
Refund and cancellation policy The reservation fee of JPY390 is not refundable even if a reservation is canceled. Also, depending on the cancellation policy of each restaurant, there may be a cancellation charge when canceling the reservation. Please refer to the cancellation policy of each restaurant for details.