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It's good, Light

JPY16,000 (Tax incl.) /Set

We have made this set so that you can easily enjoy the popular menu items from Renge's mail order.

Consumption period
Within 3 days after delivery.

Storage Method
Refrigerated (below 10 degrees)

Seven main allergic items
Eggs, milk, wheat, peanuts, shrimp, and crab

Hot and sour sauce
Szechuan-style chicken with yodare sauce
Marinated jellyfish
Chili sauce with shrimp
Stewed beef with bean sprouts
Braised shark's fin
Shanghai meat dumplings (2 pieces)
Fermented milk

Hot and sour sauce
Wood ear, Chinese cabbage, pork, dried shrimp, pine nuts, beet sauce, bean-paste, bean-jam sauce, soy sauce, cottonseed oil, sake, sesame oil

Szechuan-style chicken with yodare sauce
Chicken, cucumber, soy sauce, salad oil, chili pepper, sesame seeds, soy sauce, salt, pepper, vinegar, Shaoxing wine.

Marinated jellyfish
Jellyfish, radish, sesame oil, vinegar, salt, soy sauce

Ming Shrimp Chili Sauce
Shrimp, scallions, ginger, sake, soy sauce, Americano, sugar, fish sauce, sesame oil, agar

Miyazaki Beef Hoho Braised with Bean Curd
Beef, sake, garlic, soy sauce, vinegar, honey, bean paste, soy sauce, sesame oil

Braised Shark's Fin
Shark's fin, Jinhua ham soup (chicken, Jinhua ham, sake, leek, ginger, dried tomato, kelp), sour green, lactic acid fermented liquid, oyster sauce, sesame oil, chili sauce, potato starch, agar agar

Shanghai meat dumplings (2 pieces)
Glutinous rice, pork, soy sauce, salt, sake, spices

Dry tofu milk
Soybeans, salt, alcohol (including wheat), chili powder, sesame oil, tofu coagulant

Please note that the contents of this menu are subject to change without notice. Please be forewarned that the contents may change without notice.

Shipping fee

JPY1,150 - /set

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Address Delivery
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Reservation rules
Current reservation period To be announced
Next round opens TBD
Prepaid fee 100% of the price
Maximum frequency unlimited
Cancellation policy
after making reservation 100%

Payment methods and cancellation policies may differ depending on the timing of reservation. In the case of advance payment, the cancellation policy is 100% after making reservation.

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