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Reservation rules

We will ship your order within 3 business days from the date you select at the time of reservation.
・The date selected for pre-ordering is the scheduled date of shipment.
・In the event of a delay or non-delivery due to a customer's convenience, such as an incorrect address or absence from home, refunds will not be accepted.


Comptoir Fou, Ayumi Sato Produce Ultimate All-purpose Dashi by C.F.S.A (5 bags per set)

JPY4,400 (tax included) /set

The ultimate all-purpose soup stock that elevates every dish. The ultimate all-purpose soup stock produced by the brilliant chef Ayumi Sato.

[Contents] Size 180cc (1 bag) 5 bags

Delivery method】 Frozen delivery

Store at -18°C or below.

Please check the expiration date on the box when you receive your order. (For customers who have already lost or discarded the outer box at the time of shipment and are unable to check the expiration date on the outer box, please allow one year from the time of shipment to enjoy the product.)

Ingredients] Minced chicken, chicken feet, lax ham (pork thigh, salt, sugar), salted kelp (Biafu, soy sauce, salt, other), sea salt / seasoning (nucleic acid), color agent (nitrate k, nitrite Na), antioxidant (VC), seasoning (amino acid, etc.), sweetener (sorbitol, licorice), polysaccharide thickener Chicken, pork and chicken are included.)

Allergy information] Chicken, pork, wheat, soybean

Shipping fee

JPY1,200 (tax included) /derivery

Nationwide flat rate. Delivery by cool delivery service.
1,200 yen (including tax) per delivery (up to 3 sets).
1,200 (tax included) per set will be charged at the time of purchase, but the duplicate amount will be refunded at a later date via the credit card registered with OMAKASE.

*We will not make any changes (date, time, delivery information, quantity), cancellations, or refunds after reservations are confirmed for any reason.
*We are unable to accommodate individual allergies. We will contact you to cancel your reservation.
*Please contact OMAKASE inquiry desk for the use or non-use of each item prior to purchase.

Restaurant information

Address Delivery
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It charges a fee of 390 yen per one at the time of a reservation.
Reservation rules
Current reservation period To be announced
Next round opens TBD
Prepaid fee 100% of the price
Maximum frequency unlimited
Cancellation policy
after making reservation 100%

Payment methods and cancellation policies may differ depending on the timing of reservation. In the case of advance payment, the cancellation policy is 100% after making reservation.

*Please note that we cannot change the date, time, quantity, or cancel your reservation after it is completed. Please understand beforehand.