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Fleurs d’été

, Tokyo Cake

Asia's best pastry chef "été" Natsuko Shoji and noted artist MADSAKI
We played a gem collaboration over Klimt's masterpieces.

MADSAKI is in charge of the package for été's 2021 new year collaboration. The picture of a couple hugging sensually is, yes, a MADSAKI-style reference to Gustav Klimt's "kiss", which is loved all over the world. Shoji, who originally fell in love with Klimt's original "kiss", used this picture for the cake box, and by producing the MADSAKI version with exactly the same layout, two kinds of "kiss" boxes will be born. became.

Klimt, who lived in imperial Austria, was influenced by Japanese ukiyo-e and Rinpa schools, and MADSAKI, who is active in modern Japan, creates works between American and Japanese culture. This collaboration is a collaboration between food and art by creators of the same era, Shoji and MADSAKI, as well as a collaboration between painters who have passed more than 100 years by Klimt and MADSAKI.

And at the center of these collaborations is "Fleurs d'été", which is also the signature of été. The gorgeous mango rose resonates with the sweet and bewitching eros of the "kiss", creating a classic and modern beauty.


Fleurs d'été ¥ 22,000
Release period January 29th (Friday)


In addition, the inside of the restaurant will be transformed into a gallery for sale. MADSAKI's "Kiss" welcomes customers who purchase cakes.

<Message from Chef Natsuko Shoji>
When I saw Klimt's "Kiss" at the Ueno Royal Museum, I felt a tremendous secret garden-like throbbing feeling, and in a good way it was lustrous. I was fascinated by the beauty of the aged real gold leaf.

Fleurs d'été, a technique that uses fruits grown throughout the year and four seasons and is polished over the years, goes beyond cakes and is the same as art. And among Klimt's many works of art, kissing is a masterpiece in which real gold continues to evolve with beautiful aging. I believed that the art that was born from the daily training of such craftsmen and the blessings of nature would make a wonderful work at the moment of overlap, and made the package.

A year later, a miracle happened in which MADSAKI blossomed into Klimt's new charm and met Fleurs d'été so that the baton could be connected. Because it is the present age, it is because of us that the kiss that the expression was realized was born. Thank you for this miracle.

<Message from MADSAKI>
When I drew a picture of Klimt's kiss a year or two ago, I never imagined that I could collaborate with Mr. Shoji of été this time.

I remember having a hard time drawing this picture at that time. How to express the fine details of Klimt in your own way, how to apply it to give a texture to the gold on the back, etc.

When I visited Shoji-san's restaurant at the meeting, a sample cake box was already completed at Klimt in my picture. I was surprised at its quality and high sense. Also, I was surprised when Mr. Shoji asked me to put a version with the letters été in the same position as the original box. Moreover, I wanted to put the été hang on the window inside the restaurant. It was the moment when I was able to look inside Shoji's head. And I thought that it would be absolutely interesting if Shoji-san's idea was embodied as it was, and that was the case.

■Natsuko Shoji Profile
Known as a sous-chef at the Michelin two-star restaurant Florilege, which won the 5th place in Asia's best restaurant in 2019, she has been a chef of Florilege for two years under her Hu Kawate Hiroyasu. Training. As a Sous-chef, she supported Chef Kawate's day-to-day work at Tutchin. Before "Florilege", she trained as a pastry chef at the high-class French dining "Le Jou de La Ciette" in Daikanyama, Tokyo, a popular area where stylish shops gather. Natsuko Shoji, who won the Best Pastry Chef Award in Asia in 2020, was the first Japanese female chef to rank in her OAD, one of the world's restaurant rankings, and has become a worldwide attention.

■MADSAKI profile
Born in Osaka in 1974, MADSAKI moved to New Jersey at a young age and received a BFA from the Parsons School of Design in New York in 1996. She then worked as a member of the international group of artists, Barnstormers, until she began her personal career. With a satirical yet sentimental, aggressive yet vulnerable side, MADSAKI expresses frustration and alienation from identities that embrace two different cultures and criticizes the value of art. As a means of doing so, he continues to use techniques influenced by graffiti.

Instagram @madsaki

■About été
été is an exclusive restaurant with only 6 seats, located in a warm and cozy neighborhood in a quiet residential area of ​​Shibuya. Chef Natsuko Shoji offers a course full of originality through a French filter, using only the highest quality seasonal ingredients. The tasting menu, which consists of 11 dishes, delivers a perfect and sublime experience to guests. She keeps the ingredients in 3-4 pieces, and all the dishes are minimal and simple, with the desire to create a memorable taste forever.

Reservation rules

Please be noted the following things:
1) Regarding pick-up, please pick up the cake at été between 14:00 and 18:00.(No delivery service, receipt at the restaurant, only)
2) Select the estimated arrival time through 'Time of visit' form when making a reservation.
3) All amount has to be prepaid
4) No refund after confirmation even if canceled


【Notice for dinner reservation】
It seems that there is some information that people who have booked cakes can make restaurant reservations, but currently, we do not accept restaurant reservations in that way.
We're very sorry, but there is a lot of reservation requests and all the customers are waiting. We'll let you know by OMAKASE as soon as we are ready.

We are very grateful for the many requests we received, but because we sell cakes in parallel with events by a small team of été, only about 10 groups a month can only open restaurants.
We apologize for any inconvenience you may have but thank you for your understanding.

■ About cake
We try to provide as fresh as possible according to the delivery time of the reservation date.
For raw confectionery, please have it on the day.

It is prohibited to purchase for the purpose of resale. Please be aware that we may refuse your reservation from the next time you are found out.


été×MADSAKI Fleurs d'été

JPY22,000 / Cake

Restaurant information

Operation hours

Pick up at the restaurant between 14:00-18:00

Regular holiday Irregular holidays
Address Please check confirmation email, , Tokyo
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Reservation fee (390JPY /cake) is charged upon completing a reservation.
Reservation rules
Current reservation period To be announced
Prepaid fee 100% of the price
Maximum frequency unlimited
Cancellation policy
After making reservation 100%