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Chuo-ku, Tokyo Char-grilled steak

Some products are also available for reservation by cab delivery (pick up near the vehicle).
If you would like to make a reservation, please visit
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< Sanda Beef
Sanda beef is a rare and ultimate Wagyu, inherited from Tajima beef, which has been raised in the Tajima region of northern Hyogo since ancient times and has become the root of many famous Wagyu cattle.
Westa uses only heifers from this breed.
The producer, Mr. Akiji Sedo, buys calves of the Tajima bloodline, feeds them with subterranean water from the Muko River system that contains minerals suitable for fattening beef cattle, and feeds them with an original diet that uses 100% domestic rice straw and a small amount of locally grown rice.
> "Sanda Beef Charcoal Grilled Lunch Box
The finest Mita beef is grilled on a special high-fired cooking stove to create a sumptuous lunch box of "Mita beef steak" with a fragrant surface and moist interior.
Please enjoy it with fried rice containing Mita beef, carefully selected seasonal ingredients, and hot smoked salmon, which is popular among Westa's regular customers.
< "Sanda Beef Hamburger Curry
In order to make Mita beef more familiar to customers, we offer "Mita Beef Hamburger Curry," a combination of hamburger steak and curry, a favorite of everyone since childhood, at a reasonable price.
Of course, you can also eat it separately.
The hamburger steak is made of 100% Mita beef, which is tender, delicate and dense, and the roux, which is melted with the dense flavor of Mita beef, is made into a luxurious curry with a lot of tender Mita beef.
Please enjoy the superb "Mita Beef Hamburger Curry," which is made with the original taste of Mita beef in mind.
---We hope you enjoy it.
< Information on gift items
Mita Beef Steak Sandwiches, Mita Beef Roast Beef, and Smoked Salmon are also available for take-out at the store.
For details, please visit the following URL.

Reservation rules

※The visit time and receiving time on restaurant are same about takeaway.
※You can`t change, a time change, the number change, the cancellation in a schedule after the reservation completion and can`t cancel it regardless of any reson.please come at your reservation time.
※The cancellation fee of 100% is caused after a reservation decision.Please check the details of the reservation well.


Mita beef charcoal grill lunch box (for one person)

JPY19,440 (tax included) /Count

Sanda Beef Shabu Shabu Supervised by Kagurazaka Kimoto (2 servings)

JPY30,240 (Tax incl.) /set

Sandan Beef Sukiyaki Supervised by Kagurazaka Kimoto (2 servings)

JPY30,240 (Tax incl.) /set

Sanda beef shabu shabu + Sanda beef hamburger curry (2 servings)

JPY35,640 (Tax incl.) /set

Sanda beef sukiyaki + Sanda beef hamburger curry (2 servings)

JPY35,640 (Tax incl.) /set

Please refer to the following URL for the names of ingredients, seven major allergic items, consumption period, storage method, and manufacturer.
Mita beef charcoal grill lunch box (
Kagurazaka Kimoto's Mita beef shabu-shabu (
Mita beef sukiyaki supervised by Kimoto Kagurazaka (
Mita beef hamburger curry (

※It`s advance payment system by your credit card which was registered on OMAKASE and is including tax. We can`t refund it regardless of any reason. Please make your reservation after confirmation.
※Please eat as early as possible after you receive on the day.
※Please note that you can`t do the correspondence to an individual allergy.
※Please ask to information if you need to know about allergic products.
※Please order other general souvenirs from HP ask about wine on restaurant .

※You may not receive it if you come late or early.Please come at your reservation time for receiving.

Restaurant information



Operation hours

In-store pickup between 15:00 and 20:00

Regular holiday Irregular holidays (GW, Obon, New Year holidays)
Address Karen Nihombashi Building 1F, 3-8-13, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Nearest station


It charges a fee of 390 yen per one at the time of a reservation.
Reservation rules
Current reservation period until Mon Jan 31 2022
Prepaid fee 100% of the price
Maximum frequency unlimited
Cancellation policy
After making reservation 100%

It can`t change, a time change, the number change, the cancellation in a schedule after the reservation completion. Thank you for your understanding.