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Chuo-ku, Tokyo Char-grilled steak

The Ultimate Sanda Beef Three-tiered Osechi

For the first time in Westa's history, we are offering a limited number of 10 sets of Osechi.

This is an extravagant and very economical Osechi containing 1.4kg of Sanda beef, which was selected by contracting directly with the ranchers and meeting with the producers to limit the selection to non-heiferous female cattle of 100% Tajima bloodline.

Normally, you can only choose one type of Mita beef in a course, but we have prepared seven types of Mita beef: sirloin, filet, beef tongue, two types of red meat, harami, and sagari, so that you can enjoy a wide variety.

In addition to beef tongue, which is a rare part of beef that is rarely seen at Westa and can only be obtained in quantities of about 500 grams per head, the menu also includes lobster, abalone, beluga caviar, and other delicacies.

For the start of the new year, we hope that you will enjoy this unprecedented and ultimate Osechi, which only Westa can offer, at your table.

< Sanda Beef
Tajima beef has been raised in the Tajima region of northern Hyogo Prefecture since ancient times, and has become the root of many famous Japanese cattle. Sanda-gyu" is the ultimate Wagyu, inherited from its excellent lineage and is very rare. Westa uses only heifer heifers among them. The producer, Mr. Akiji Sedo, buys calves of the "Tajima" bloodline, feeds them with subterranean water from the Muko River system that contains minerals suitable for fattening beef cattle, and feeds them with an original diet that uses 100% domestic rice straw and a small amount of locally grown rice. The beef is carefully raised under thorough health management to achieve the ideal "beef with a low melting point, light melt-in-your-mouth fat, and lean meat with rich flavor.

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Ultimate Sanda beef osechi three-tiered set (3-4 servings)

JPY172,800 (tax included) / set

Contents of the three-tiered box
The third layer contains 1kg of roast beef from Sanda beef (200g sirloin, 200g filet, 200g beef tongue, 400g two kinds of lean beef).
The second box contains Mita beef tsukune hamburger steak, Haneshita pork, hoho stewed in red wine, curry, and hormone stew.
In the first box: lobster, abalone, smoked salmon, smoked triangular rose ham, black soy beans, chestnut kinto, 20g beluga caviar.

A separate box
Mita beef wonton noodles

Box 2
Mita Beef Harami 200g, Sagari 200g

Expiration date
January 1, 2021

※It`s advance payment system by your credit card which was registered on OMAKASE and is including tax. We can`t refund it regardless of any reason. Please make your reservation after confirmation.
※Please eat as early as possible after you receive on the day.
※Please note that you can`t do the correspondence to an individual allergy.
※Please ask to information if you need to know about allergic products.
※Please order other general souvenirs from HP ask about wine on restaurant .

※You may not receive it if you come late or early.Please come at your reservation time for receiving.

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It can`t change, a time change, the number change, the cancellation in a schedule after the reservation completion. Thank you for your understanding.

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