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Goryu Kubo (Takeaway) Takeaway

Minato-ku, Tokyo Japanese

■About products for in-store pickup
*Please call us if you need a large number of items.

■About "Selected Japanese Eel
We use eel produced in Mikawa-Ishiki, Aichi, which has good quality fat and tender flesh and skin.
The eel is grilled using Kishu-binchotan charcoal with a rich broth made from extracted bones.

Japanese restaurant Goryukubo, which makes the most of the best seasonal ingredients, presents this domestic eel stew to savor the best of the season.
We hope you will try it this summer.

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■Sales of "Selected Natural Unaju" in limited quantities
On August 4, 2022, the day of the Ox in Doyo, "Selected Natural Unaju" will be sold in limited quantities.
*"Selected Japanese Unaju" will not be sold on August 4.
Eels from Kojima Bay in Okayama Prefecture and Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture are used for this dish, which is characterized by its natural flavor and clean, high-quality fat.
It is steamed so that it is softly covered with the aroma of charcoal and has a rich flavor.
The eel is dipped in a rich broth made from bone extract and grilled using Kishu-binchotan charcoal.
This unaju is specially prepared for this occasion.
We hope you will enjoy it.


Selected Japanese Unaju

JPY7,000 (tax included) /Count

Selected Natural Unaju

JPY18,000 (tax included) /Count

Restaurant information



Operation hours

In-store pickup between 11:00 and 13:00, and between 17:00 and 19:30

Regular holiday Sundays, Public holidays, Irregular holydays
Address 1-13-14 Shalom Nishiazabu 3F, Minato-ku, Tokyo
It charges a fee of 390 yen per one at the time of a reservation.
Reservation rules
Current reservation period until Wed Aug 31 2022
Maximum frequency unlimited
Cancellation policy
After making reservation 100%

Please note that we cannot change the date, time, number of items, or cancellation after the reservation is made.