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We will be accepting reservations for Father's Day cakes.

Reservation period: 6/12 (Wed.) 20:00 - 6/14 (Fri.) 10:00
Pick-up time: 6/15 (Sat.) 13:30- *Pick-up time differs for each product. Please be sure to confirm at the time of reservation.

Reservation period: 6/13 (Thu.) 20:00 - 6/15 (Sat.) 10:00
Pick-up time: 6/16 (Sun.) 14:40- *Pick-up time differs for each product. Please be sure to confirm at the time of reservation.

We will close at 15:00 on 6/15 in order to start preparation for the next day.

Reservation rules

■About Reservations
・Each product will be ordered separately.
・If you have reserved more than one item, including different types at this time,We will combine them together when you receive your first item.
 For customers who pre-ordered multiple items (including different types of items), please note the following when you pick up your items, Please note the following when you pick up your order.(Excluding Christmas and other event periods)
 (1) Please be sure to come to the store during the time slot for the first item. (This is because the refrigerant will melt.)
 (2) Please make sure to ask us for all the items you reserved in order to confirm your reservation.

■On the day of pickup
・Please inform us of the time and your full name when you pick up your order.
・Please note that the pick-up time cannot be changed after the reservation has been completed.
・Please note that there are no additional sales or menus available on the day of pick-up.
・Please note that we will not be able to respond to any requests (other than allergies) in the special notes.
・Please arrive at the restaurant 5 minutes before or exactly on time for your reservation. Please note that if you arrive more than 15 minutes late, your appointment will be deemed cancelled and the amount paid in advance will not be refunded.
・We are a small business, so we are not able to answer the phone. Especially on the day of pickup, we are unable to respond to direct calls to our store to inform us of late arrivals. Please refrain from calling us directly (including voicemail) under any circumstances.
・If you wish to contact us, please use the following contact email address.

■Payment and receipt
The payment will be made in advance at the time of confirmation of the booking.
The price will be settled in advance at the time of confirmation of the booking.
Receipts are not issued at the shop on the day of delivery. Please issue a receipt from your OMAKASE My Page.

Please note that we cannot accept various requests on the day of the event.
Message plates and candles are not available. Please note that we do not provide message plates, candles, etc.

*For enquiries about reservations, please contact
■Contact email address.


Amer 80 Father's Day Limited Whole size 6/15,6/16

JPY5,900 (Tax included) /Cake

"Father's Day Limited Seasonal Fruit Decoration"
A variety of seasonal fruits (Amami Oshima's precious fruit “black plums”, Yamagata cherries, gooseberries, edible Winter Cherry, berries, etc.)
(6/15,16) 2 days only, using vintage chocolates!!

size 4, for about 3-4 persons
[Best before date] Refrigeration required: same day

*Delicate whole cake. No alcohol, gelatin, etc.

*Limited to those who can carry it around (time to the refrigerator) for 30 to 40 minutes.

*Notes: The reason for the 30-40 minute holding time of Amère 80%...
Amer 80% does not contain any added gelatin, etc. If you carry it around for more than 40 minutes (approx.), the temperature changes and the mousse becomes coarse and rough, and it loses its original smooth texture and melt-in-your-mouth quality. The mousse will lose its original smooth texture and melt in the mouth.
Whole (entremets) can be carried to the refrigerator for about 40 minutes.

Chocolat Framboise 6/16

JPY6,000 (Tax included) /Cake

Father's Day Limited Whole Cake

for about 4-5 persons
[Best before date] Refrigeration required: same day

Coffret fête des pères Father's Day Limited Set (5 fresh cakes and 2 boxes of different chocolates set) 6/16

JPY13,000 (Tax included) /Set

■5 kinds of fresh cakes [Best before date] Refrigeration required: same day
 (1) Grâteau aux noix
 (2) Tarte au Saison Fruits mûr "Prunes" Amami-Oshima's Black plum (black pearl) Tart
 (3) Mille Feuille - Chocolat
 (4) Mont-Blanc (large) (For 2 persons)
 (5) Fromage Cru Fruit de la Passion Abricot (cheesecake) or ripe crème brûlée with the same passion fruit and apricots

■Truffles 1 box (9 pieces) [Best before date] Refrigeration required: 2 weeks

■Fondant au chocolat 1 box (6.5-7 slices) [Best before date] Refrigeration required: 2 weeks

/【Menu Description】
・Grâteau aux noix
The walnuts are slowly and carefully roasted at a low temperature and finely chopped with a knife to bring out their true flavor, and homemade pâte d'amande is added almost to the walnuts and baked in a stone oven without using any flour.
The finishing touch is a special glassage coating of homemade milk chocolate mixed with chopped roasted hazelnuts and almonds.

・Savarin Orange
*French preparation with fresh yeast.(Caution) The alcohol is strong!)
Smooth savarin dough soaked in orange cognac (50°) syrup from Alsace, France,filled with fresh orange cream.

・Baba au rhum
(Warning: the alcohol is strong here too!)
Homemade rum raisins soaked in 2006, the year of the opening! And sweet and mellow vanilla (from Madagascar & Tahiti) extracted for two whole days!
The cake is for adults, with plenty of custard cream carefully cooked with homemade pasteurized milk (for increased calcium absorption and easy on the stomach) and fresh local eggs, extracted after two full days of soaking. Compared to the Sabalan, the Baba dough has rougher air bubbles. (The dough also contains raisins)

・Amer 80
*Please allow 30 minutes to walk to the refrigerator.
This is a rich and bitter chocolate cake made with an abundance of Valrhona chocolate.
It consists of 11 layers of chocolate with 80% cacao content, mousse, bistouille made with Valrhona cacao powder, and ganache.
No flour is used and no alcohol is added, so you can enjoy the true flavor of good quality chocolate.

・Cake aux Fruits
A mild taste with plenty of 12 kinds of fruits soaked in rum in January 2008 and matured well. A popular boast with men, be sure to try this for Father's Day!

・Chocolat Framboise
A melt-in-your-mouth smooth cake layered with Venezuelan chocolate mousse and sweet and sour raspberry sauce with a rich chocolate-covered biscuit sacher. No gelatin is used at all. Hokkaido whipped cream and sweet and sour chocolate mousse are sandwiched between long-cooked sweet and sour concentrated raspberry sauce.

・Tarte au Saison Fruits mûr "Prunes"
This is a precious early summer fruit of the islanders, which is not available in Honshu. Every year, we reserve them for next year (one year in advance), and only once a year they are sent directly from the farmers.
A crispy tart with a base of black plums baked for 70 to 80 minutes with almond cream, custard, almond nougat, etc. This base is then cooled and filled with custard.
This base is then cooled and topped with custard cream or whipped cream and compote of black plums.
We have created an even more delicious presentation of this precious, seasonal fruit.

・Mille Feuille - Chocolat
(*No alcohol is used.) This is one of our most prized products.
Homemade chocolat butter carefully folded in using Hokkaido flour, which is very similar to that of France.
It is carefully finished over a period of 5 days.

Mont Blanc is made with luxurious French chestnuts.
The base is made from almonds, and the Mont Blanc meringue is baked on a base, layered with marron cream and whipped cream, and then decorated with more marron cream. Please enjoy the richness and light and fluffy texture.

・Fromage Cru Fruit de la Passion Abricot
This very luxurious cheesecake is made with fromage blanc from Isny, France, puree of home-made apricots (Shinzanmaru from Nagano Prefecture), freshly arrived passion fruit (from Setouchi Town, a production area presented to the Imperial Household), and pesticide-free lemon juice from Kumamoto Prefecture.

・Crème brûlée à la Passion Abrico
A sweet and sour, very refreshing crème brûlée made with homemade apricot (Shinzanmaru, Nagano Prefecture) puree and freshly arrived passion fruit (from Setouchi Town, the imperial gift-giving region).

No alcohol or sugar is added, and several types of chocolate and fresh cream are exquisitely blended.
Enjoy the fluffy texture and the aroma of cocoa that lingers in your nose.

・Fondant au Chocolat
This melt-in-your-mouth fondant chocolat is made with a blend of 80% cacao and 80% Valrhona chocolate from France, with the added sweetness of fructose and Tanegashima rinsed sugar. Sprinkled with precious rock salt from Guerande, France and freshly ground white pepper from France, even those with a sweet tooth can enjoy it. It is also a great accompaniment to alcoholic beverages.

Restaurant information

Regular holiday Irregular holidays
Payment methods

Pre-payment at the time of reservation

Address 1-2, Tsukudo Hachiman-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Nearest station

Iidabashi Station

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Reservation fee (390JPY /box) is charged upon completing a reservation.
Reservation rules
Current reservation period To be announced
Next round opens TBD
Prepaid fee 100% of the price
Maximum frequency unlimited
Cancellation policy
after making reservation 100%

Payment methods and cancellation policies may differ depending on the timing of reservation. In the case of advance payment, the cancellation policy is 100% after making reservation.

Once the reservation is complete, we do not accept any changes in schedule, time, quantity or cancellation.