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■Reservations received on March 29

For pick up on Friday, March 31
Bramley apple tarte tatin set:Pick up from 14:00-14:40
Our recommended chocolates assortment (13 pieces/box):Pick up from 14:50-15:00


■Reservations received on March 30

For pick up on Sunday, April 2
Bramley apple tarte tatin set:Pick up from 14:00-14:40
Our recommended chocolates assortment (8 pieces/box):Pick up from 14:50-15:10

Each item must be ordered separately.
Each item will be ordered separately and will be picked up at the reserved time. We will not be able to combine the items for pickup. Please understand.
Please come to the store at the reserved time for each product.

Reservation rules

■On the day of pickup
*Please pick up at Patisserie K.ViNCENT at the time of your reservation.
*Please select the time you would like to pick up your order from the "Visit time" menu when you make your reservation.
*We will not be able to change the time other than the above after the reservation has been made.
*Please note that there will be no additional sales or menu items available on the day of your visit.
*We will not be able to respond to special requests even if they are noted in the special instructions.
*For inquiries regarding reservations, please contact us at the URL below.


Ensemble "Tarte tatin" (Bramley apple tarte tatin set)

JPY12,650 (Tax inc) /Set

5 kinds of Putits Gateaux  *Contents vary depending on the date of offer. [Best before serving] Refrigeration required: same day

 (1) Tarte tatin (Bramley apple)
 (2) Riz au Lait Imperial (Granny Smith (apple))
 (3) Tarte au Saison Fruits mûr "Japanese pesticide-free lemon"
 (4) Mille Feuille - Chocolat
 (5) 1/2 Mont-Blanc

 (1) Tarte tatin (Bramley apple)
 (2) Mousse au Chocolate Traditionnelle
 (3) Tartelettes au Chocolate
 (4) Mille Feuille - Vanille
 (5) Mont-Blanc

・Truffles 1 box (4 large truffles) [Best before serving] Refrigeration required: 2 week
・Fondant au chocolat 1 box (6.5-7 slices) [Best before serving] Refrigeration required: 2 week

Assortiment de chocolat recommandé (Our recommended chocolates assortment (13 items in a box))

JPY4,650 (Tax inc) /Box

*Alcohol free
Refrigerated until 2 weeks before expiration

9 truffles (more bitter than usual)
2 slices fondant au chocolat (individually wrapped)
2 large caramel chocolates

Assortiment de chocolat recommandé (Our recommended chocolates assortment (8 items in a box))

JPY4,000 (Tax inc) /Box

*Alcohol free
Refrigerated until 2 weeks before expiration

4 large truffles
2 fondant au chocolat (with salt and pepper)
2 large caramel chocolates

【Product Description】
(1)Tarte tatin
First, the tarte tatin is baked over low heat on a gas stove for 9 hours, then baked slowly in a stone oven overnight.
The surface is caramelized three times (with Butsusha casonade and Tanegashima sugar). (2.5 to 2.8 apples per slice)

(2)Riz au Lait Imperial (Granny Smith)
A rice bavarois infused with Madagascar vanilla.
It is directly from Mamie (Grand-mère grandmother) in Normandy, France.
This time, for the first time, we used "Granny Smith" from Obuse, Nagano Prefecture.
The rice is carefully simmered separately from the fresh Hokkaido milk.

(3)Tarte au Citron
This is a traditional pastry that can be found in every patisserie and boulangerie in France.
During my 10 years of training in France, I ate this favorite pastry more times than I can count. After repeated trial and error, we at K.ViNCENT, a French pastry shop, are proud to offer this pastry.
The cream and jam are made with domestically produced pesticide-free lemons (this time from Hiroshima Prefecture and Yugawara Town in Kanagawa Prefecture), and the melt-in-your-mouth, refreshing cream is a superb product.

(4)Mille Feuille - Chocolat
This is one of our specialties.
Hokkaido wheat, similar to that of France, is used to carefully fold in homemade chocolat butter and yogurt. It takes 5 days to complete the process with great care.
No alcohol is used.

Mont-Blanc is made with luxurious French chestnuts.
For the foundation, raw almonds from Sicily, Italy, are purchased to make Mont-Blanc, and after boiling them for one day to soften, they are crushed the next day to make homemade parte d'amande.
The homemade pas d'amande is then added with milk, eggs, and sugar, and baked slowly in a stone oven for 5 to 6 hours at a low temperature.
The Mont-Blanc base, which is similar to carmelized cake, is completed.
Alcohol: not used

(2)Mousse au Chocolate Traditionnelle
A bitter chocolate mousse made in the traditional French way.
It is made without butter or cream, so it is light but rich in flavor and aroma of cacao.
The mousse is accented with homemade honey nougat and fiantine.

(3)Tartelettes au Chocolate
Tartelettes made with French couverture chocolate kneaded into the tart dough and two smooth layers of 80% bitter chocolate.

(4)Mille Feuilles - Vanille
This is one of our specialties.
The dough is made with two kinds of flour and fermented butter from Hokkaido, and it takes 5 days to complete.
The custard cream is made exclusively for this millefeuille.
The sweet and mellow vanilla (from Madagascar) is extracted for two whole days, and the homemade pasteurized milk is used to carefully cook the custard cream with fresh local eggs.

・Fondant au Chocolat
Fondant au Chocolat is made with 80% cacao blended with several types of Valrhona chocolates, baked without flour, bitter and melt-in-your-mouth smooth.
Even better! You can enjoy the extra taste.
Sprinkle with the included freshly ground white pepper from France and precious salt from Guerande (Fleur de Sel first salt), and even those with a sweet tooth can enjoy it.
It is also a perfect accompaniment to an aperitif or after-dinner drink.

Truffe is made with a perfect combination of several kinds of chocolate and cream, without adding any alcohol or sugar.
Enjoy the fluffy texture and the aroma of cacao that lingers in the nose.

・Caramel Chocolat
A smooth, melt-in-your-mouth caramel with a secret ingredient of salt from Guerande, France, and a generous amount of 80% cocoa chocolate that does not stick to your teeth.

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3/31 14:00~15:00
4/2 14:00~15:10

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