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Sanchokuya Taka

Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Izakaya

Reservation rules

■For any reservation enquiries, please contact us via the following URL.


■Reservation rules
We accept reservations "daily" up to the same day one month in advance.
Ex) Reservation on July 12 is for August 12.
*1: Some days we do not accept reservations due to holidays and other reasons.


■About the number of reservations
In principle, we do not accept reservations for one or three persons. We appreciate your understanding.

Our dishes are a chef's tasting course specialized for seafood.
・We don't have individual dishes
・The price is approximately 10000 yen
・If you have food allergies, please tell us at the time of booking.
 *If you have many kinds of ingredients you cannot eat, such as an allergy to shellfish, we might refuse your reservation.
・Please refrain from bringing food

・Only beer for the first drink and Sake(about 10 kinds, only cold sake)
・We only have Sake so if you would like to drink other alcohol please bring your own(free).

・Please be punctual on the day of your appointment.
・Credit cards are only available as follows. Visa, Master, Amex,JCB,Diners.
・We're not an 'all you can drink' restaurant
・If you drink more than half a glass of sake, you will be charged an additional ¥1,000 per glass. Please sample only what you can drink, depending on your physical condition.
・If there is any damage to the restaurant or other guests that requires cleaning (disinfecting), we will charge 10,000 yen for cleaning (disinfecting) and cleaning fees.
・We don't have desserts
・If you can't drink Sake, please refrain from taking reservations.
・Please refrain from using perfumes for other customers.
・We are a small restaurant so we don't accept any seating request.
・If you are more than 4 people we give free 'Juyondai' (十四代, a premium sake)
・Please note that we will not be able to respond to any inquiries or comments other than "food items you are not fond of" or "allergies" in the "Special Notes" section or directly to the restaurant.

For inquiries regarding reservations, please contact from the linke below.


If you want to make a reservation for over 6 (adults) people group, we might prepare some seats.
Please let us know by sending an email at with the information below.

・Number of guests


[Dinner] Chef's Tasting Course

JPY11,000 (Tax included) /guest(s)

Restaurant information




17 seats

Operation hours

7:15 p.m. start
(6:15 p.m. start on Sundays and national holidays)

Regular holiday Sundays, Mondays, Irregular Holidays

Over 12 years old(Over middle high school students)

Payment methods

cash, credit card


Please ask for the any drink to us.


Not Allowed

Address Lions Mansion Shibuya B1 12-2, Enyamacyo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Nearest station

Shibuya, Shinsen

No slots available Sign up or login to book
Reservation fee (390JPY /seat) is charged upon completing a reservation.
Reservation rules
Current reservation period until Thu Jan 04 2024
Next round opens Dec 5, 2023, 00:00
Maximum frequency 2 time(s) per month
Cancellation policy
7 days prior to the day 30%
2 days prior to the day 100%