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Minato-ku, Tokyo Chinese

Please read the following "Reservation Rules" before making a reservation or visiting the restaurant.

Reservation rules

■About Reservations
We accept reservations up to the same day two months in advance.

Reservations will be accepted for one day at a time, not for the entire month.
For example, on October 5, we will start accepting reservations for December 5.
Please note that we may not accept reservations on some days if the room is already fully booked.

■Please be considerate to customers around you.
We are a small restaurant. Please be considerate of the following.
*Please do not use loud voices, including in semi-private rooms (not soundproofed), and please set your ringtones to a silent ringtone.
*Please refrain from coming to the restaurant with perfume, strong fabric softener, cigarettes, or other scents on your skin, filming or recording videos that may include other guests, chefs, or staff, and refraining from smoking or using electronic cigarettes in the building.

If we deem it necessary, we will ask you to leave the restaurant, and if we deem that you have a significant impact on other customers, we may ask you to leave the restaurant even during the course. In such cases, the cancellation will be treated as a same-day cancellation.

■About the time
Both the counter and semi-private rooms serve the dishes at the same time.
The course duration is approximately 3 hours. You may enter the restaurant 15 minutes prior to the start of each course.
If you arrive late, you will be served from the time of your arrival, and if you leave in the middle of the course, you will be served from the time of your departure.

■Reservations and visits by proxy
In order to avoid problems, we cannot accept reservations on behalf of a guest who has given his/her reservation to someone else.

Please indicate your allergies in the special notes on the reservation page at least 3 days prior to your reservation. If you are unable to eat crustaceans, shellfish, meat, or wheat, including extracts, or if your allergy affects more than three items in a course, we ask that you refrain from making a reservation.
Depending on the timing of your request, you may be subject to our cancellation policy, so please check with us in advance before making a reservation.

The restaurant cannot be held responsible for any allergic reactions, whether you have informed us in advance or not. We handle a large number of ingredients in our small kitchen.
Even if the ingredients are excluded from the menu, the possibility of allergic reactions cannot be completely ruled out.

■Use of a semi-private room: 20,000 yen for a private room plus 13% service charge

■Message plates and bring your own
We do not prepare plates with names and messages for birthdays and other occasions.
Please refrain from bringing your own.

■Cancellation and rescheduling of reservations
Cancellations are subject to our cancellation policy, including unavoidable circumstances such as worsening weather conditions and transportation cancellations, etc. Please cancel your reservations by yourself.
We recommend that you take out OMAKASE insurance to prevent any problems.

In the event of significant damage or defacement of the restaurant's facilities or tableware caused by the customer, the customer may be charged the actual cost of the damage or defacement.

Store Introduction

Hiroyuki Shinohara
Studied under Tan Hikobin at Akasaka Rikyu. After honing his skills at "Loh Ho Wai" and "Hei Fung Terrace (Peninsula Tokyo)," he went to Hong Kong and studied at many famous restaurants such as "Hong Kong Feng Cheng Restaurant," "Hong Kong Cui Yuan" and "Aichi Abalone Fish Fulin Restaurant.

After winning the RED EGG Grand Prix at RED-U35 in 2015, he moved to Shanghai and returned to Japan in June 2019. In November of the same year, he opened "ShinoiS" in Shirokanedai, Tokyo.


Seasonal Tasting Course including a plate of the finest dried food

JPY39,800 (Tax included)~ /guest(s)

2/10~5/28 Spring Course
6/2~8/23 Summer Course
8/29~11/2 Fall Course
Scheduled 11/7 - mid-January Winter Course

*Please we take searvice charge.
*Courses are changed irregularly 4 or 5 times a year. Please note that the menu may be duplicated if the interval between visits is short.

Restaurant information


Counter:7 seats
Semi-private room:1 room(2-4 persons)
※ For a while, we accept counter seats only.

Operation hours


Regular holiday Irregular holidays

Over 12 years old (Over middle school students)


Not Smoking.

Address Sakuranamiki building 2F, 4-2-7, Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Nearest station

Toei Mita Line and Namboku Line Shirokanedai Station

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Reservation fee (390JPY /seat) is charged upon completing a reservation.
Reservation rules
Current reservation period until Wed Jun 19 2024
Next round opens Apr 20, 2024, 12:00
Maximum frequency 1 time(s) per month
Cancellation policy
After making reservation 5%
30 days prior to the day 20%
7 days prior to the day 50%
3 days prior to the day 100%