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Delivery Yakitori

He was the first chief chef of the Manhattan yakitori restaurant "Torishin", which was awarded one Michelin star. After returning to Japan, he opened his own restaurant, Studio Ginza Yakitori "I", which was listed in the Michelin Guide for three consecutive years at the Roppongi restaurant "I". The owner, Mr. Inoue, has created an outstanding and most popular Bresse chicken course using skewers made from French chickens. Please enjoy the marriage of creative yakitori and wine only at "I", where you can feel the seasons through the five senses.

---Please enjoy a marriage of creative yakitori and wine only at Ii, where you can feel the seasons with your senses.

Ginza I "Limited Quantity Breathless Chicken Poularde Chicken Shiroyu Hot Pot Set 
We have developed the "Breathless Chicken Poularde Super Rich Chicken Shiroyu Nabe Set" in limited quantities from the popular top-grade Breathless Chicken Poularde Mizutaki Nabe.

This is a superb thick chicken Shirayu hot pot that combines the mellow fatty flavor of the chicken Shirayu soup extracted from the world's best Breathless Chicken Poularde with the resilient meat of the Breathless Chicken Poularde.
It is made with a large amount of Bresse chicken poularde broth, Bresse chicken poularde whole chickens, Awaji Island onions, and fragrant vegetables, and cooked for five days to create a luxurious super thick chicken white hot soup with the sweetness of the vegetables, the flavor of the fat unique to Bresse, and a mild lightness.
The result is like a super thick potage, but with a creamy finish that does not leave a greasy taste in your mouth.  
Due to the large number of requests for additional soup, we have increased the amount of white hot soup from 1 liter to a generous 1.5 liters.
Since it takes a few days to prepare and a large amount of brussel sprouts, it will be sold in limited quantities, only about 10 per batch. If you are interested in resale, please contact us here or send us an email.
However, we would like to send you the chicken in its boneless, chopped form so that you can enjoy the delicious taste of the meat and its elasticity when you bite into it.
In particular, the texture of the meat and skin of the Bresse chicken and the fatty meat are delicious, and we propose a way of serving it so that you can enjoy the flavor of the chicken with the high quality fat, the tsukune, and the soup with the flavor of vegetables in three stages when you cook it in Mizutaki.
Ponzu sauce is the standard sauce for Mizutaki nabe, but this time, in order to let the taste and flavor of the meat shine through, we have reduced the taste of soy sauce and made it into an amber-colored ponzu sauce using broth and citrus.
Inoue, the owner of the restaurant, recommends that you start with Awaji Island sea salt and coarsely ground black pepper to taste the original flavor of the meat, followed by amber ponzu and then yuzu kosho to enjoy it in three stages.
At the end of the meal, you can enjoy the standard salt ramen by adding only the included sea salt to the soup filled with the flavor of meat and vegetables. For the end of the meal, you can add only the included sea salt to the soup full of meat and vegetable flavor for the standard shio ramen, or use the included miso sauce for a delicious chicken miso biryu ramen.

Yakitori Ginzai "Charcoal-grilled Jidori Yakiniku Set

We have been improving our yakitori for a year in order to reproduce the flavor of charcoal grilled yakitori from a yakitori restaurant easily on a hot plate at home. Since it is difficult to make it on a skewer, we have perfected the yakiniku style.

You can choose from two types of chickens that we use, the world's best and Japan's best, or two types that you can compare. Also, since some people are not fond of internal organs, we have made it possible for you to purchase the gizzard and the hackles additionally.

〜Air-freighted French Bresse Poularde chicken - the world's best chicken
 This is the world's best chicken meat, about 1.5 times larger than Bresse Poulet (young chicken), which is specially fattened for longer than AOC certified French chickens, and the elasticity of the meat and the flavor of the fat are exceptional compared to the three major domestic chickens.

〜The best chicken in the world 
The finest Nagoya Cochin chicken from the Inagaki breeding farm, with a morning breeding period of 180 to 200 days.
Among domestic chickens, we are particular about the way we raise them, and the meat has a good balance of flavor and texture, making it ideal for Yakitori.

〜This is the base for our specialty, foie gras stick tsukune.
The tsukune is the base for our specialty foie gras barbecue tsukune.

The thighs, breasts, tsukune, gizzards, and giblets are charcoal-grilled using the Miyazaki's famous charcoal-grilled chicken method, and the surface is charred black to lock in the charcoal-grilled flavor.
After thawing, the meat and vegetables are grilled to your liking and served with soy sauce, sauce, or sea salt.

The best way to eat it is with salt, but we have also created a new yakiniku-style sauce based on Kyushu's sweet soy sauce to enhance the aroma of the charcoal as much as possible.

The meat is shipped frozen, so you can easily enjoy the atmosphere of yakitori on a hot plate at home anytime after thawing.
For the Jidori Charcoal Grilled Chicken Set, we include chicken soup made from the broth of "Breathless Chicken" and "Pure Nagoya Cochin", which takes 6 hours to make.

In order to make it more delicious at home, we have replaced our charcoal grilling method with a hot plate and enclosed instructions for grilling.
Please refer to the instructions in "How to cook".

Koichi Inoue, owner

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Reservation rules

・Payment must be made in advance by credit card registered with OMAKASE.
・The date you select at the time of booking will be the date the product is scheduled to be shipped.
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Limited Quantity Breathless Chicken Poularde Chicken Hakuyu Hot Pot Set

JPY22,000 (tax included) /set

(1) About 1,430g of the finest chicken white hot soup (2) 1 piece of braced chicken thigh (3) 1 piece of chicken breast (4) 2 pieces of bamboo meat (5) 2 pieces of chicken wing (6) 2 pieces of chicken wing (80g) (7) 150g of chicken balls

White hot soup (frozen / best before date: 180 days from manufacture)
Bresse chicken, Poularde gara, Bresse whole chicken, water, Awaji Island onion, carrot, leek, ginger, sea salt, 1 Bresse chicken thigh, 1 breast, 2 bamboo strips, 2 chicken wing tips, 2 chicken wings, chicken gizzards, minced chicken, onion, egg, breadcrumbs, salt
Pomegranate vinegar (keep in the refrigerator after arrival and use as soon as possible)
Vinegar, mirin, soy sauce, kombu, dried bonito flakes, dried shiitake mushrooms
Yuzu kosho, all-purpose leek, sea salt, black pepper
Cabbage, Awaji Island onion, potherb mustard, bok choy, leek, two-year matured maequine, maitake mushroom, shimeji mushroom
Ramen Miso Sauce
White miso, red miso, white sugar, dark soy sauce, grated garlic, grated ginger, ground sesame, ground niboshi
Chutai Ramen
Wheat flour, salt, gluten, brine, egg white

Some ingredients include wheat, soybeans and eggs.

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The most popular dessert in our store, thick and melted pudding.

JPY2,500 (tax included) /set

The rich orange yolks of Tamura eggs from Tokushima Prefecture, Hokkaido milk, fresh cream, and vanilla beans are blended together at the last minute to create a rich, melt-in-your-mouth pudding that makes the most of the egg flavor without using any caramel.

 Milk, cream, egg yolk, sugar, vanilla bean 

Seven major allergens 
 Egg, milk

 60g x 4 pieces 

Storage Method
Keep refrigerated at 10°C or below.

Expiration date 
 7 days from date of manufacture

It takes about 10 days from the time of order to the time of delivery.

Charcoal-grilled Jidori chicken, half portion of Specially selected chicken set (2~3 servings)

JPY7,500 (Tax included)〜 /Set

Charcoal-grilled Jidori Chicken Breath Chicken Poularde Half Set (2~3 servings)

JPY12,000 (Tax included)〜 /Set

Charcoal-grilled Jidori chicken, 1 piece of Specially selected chicken Set (3~5 servings)

JPY14,000 (Tax included)〜 /Set

Specially selected chicken Bresse Chicken Poularde Comparison Set (3~5 servings)

JPY17,500 (Tax included)〜 /Set

Charcoal-grilled Jidori Chicken Bresse Chicken Poularde Set for 1 chicken (3~5 servings)

JPY22,000 (Tax included)〜 /Set

Shipping fee

JPY1,150 - /delivery

Delivery method : Yamato Transport (Cool delivery)

Shipping from Osaka, Japan will be paid on delivery and the amount will vary depending on the destination/size.

*The price is tax inclusive and must be paid in advance at the time of booking. Please confirm your reservation after confirming it, as no refund will be made for any reason.
*Only one type is available at a time. If you would like to order more than one type of food, please divide it into several reservations.

*Please eat as soon as possible after receiving the product.
*Please note that we do not deliver to individual allergies or to remote islands and some areas.
*Please contact OMAKASE for more information on the use of each item before purchasing.
*We cannot change the date, time, number of items, or cancellation for any reason after the reservation is confirmed.

Restaurant information

Address Delivery
It charges a fee of 390 yen per one at the time of a reservation.
Reservation rules
Current reservation period until Tue Aug 31 2021
Prepaid fee 100% of the price
Maximum frequency unlimited
Cancellation policy
After making reservation 100%

We are unable to change the date, time, number of items, or cancellation after the reservation is made. Please note that we cannot change the date, time, number of items, or cancellation after the reservation is made.