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Kyoto-shi, Kyoto Innovative Japanese

CAINOYA is located in Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan.
We offer a dining experience that expresses "Japan" in our own unique interpretation, right down to the plate.
We use a fusion of digital and analog cooking methods, including our own unique fire-roasting method, the use of state-of-the-art cooking equipment for preparation, and the use of a live fire for the finishing touch.
And ethical preparation using the VidPro (gastrovac).
A dish that makes the most of the essence of the selected ingredients. And wines that pursue matching.
Sake and other pairings further enhance the dish.
We hope you enjoy your time at CAINOYA.


[Lunch] ESSENTIALS(with wine or non-alcoholic pairing)

JPY27,500 (tax included) /guest(s)

*Lunch course of 8 dishes + dessert

Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Holidays only

[Thursday Lunch]
Thursday at CIANOYA

Enjoy CAINOYA's traditional Javanese curry and hashed rice in a casual atmosphere.
*Drink set 1.650 yen (tax included)
Soup and salad set 2,750 yen (tax included)
*Course with appetizers 3,630 yen (tax included)
There is no service charge.

[Dinner] Select from two types

JPY28,600 〜(Tax included) /guest(s)

Each person can choose from two courses.

ESSNTIALS DINNER Light Course: 28,600 yen (tax included) per person
A light course of 11 dishes, less than the volume of the OMAKASE course.
OMAKASE" 36,300 yen (tax included) /person
A 15-course specialty course that includes everything CAINOYA has to offer, from the starter to after-dinner small pastries.

Alcohol pairing "adventure" 16,500 yen (tax included)
Half-pairing 8,800 yen (tax included)

Non-alcoholic pairing "without" 16,500 yen (tax included)
Non-alcoholic half-pairing 8,800 yen (tax included)

*This is a unique pairing that has been thoughtfully created to maximize the enjoyment of the CAINOYA dining experience. We also offer "W Pairing" where you can enjoy both wine pairing and non-alcoholic pairing.

A private room charge of 5,500 yen (tax included) will be added.

A 10% service charge will be added.

CAINOYA recommends pairings, which are unique and thoughtful pairings to maximize your enjoyment of the CAINOYA dining experience.

Alcohol pairing "adventure" 16,500 yen (tax included)
Half pairing: 8,800 yen (tax included)

Non-alcoholic pairing "without": 16,500 yen (tax included)
Non-alcoholic half pairing: 8,800 yen (tax included)

We also offer "W Pairing" where you can enjoy both wine pairing and non-alcohol pairing. The price will vary depending on the number of items and quantity.

CAINOYA does not have a wine list. We match the most suitable wine and glass with each dish.

A 10% service charge will be added to your bill.

◆About start time

We start at 1:00 p.m. for lunch and 6:00 p.m. for dinner, but we can accommodate your requests depending on the situation, so please do not hesitate to consult with us.

Please enjoy a welcome cocktail served by sommelier Uesugi in the waiting space "foyer" 40 minutes before the start time.

◆Contain your own food and beverages
No beverages including alcohol, spices and foodstuffs are allowed.

◆Foods that you do not like
We may not be able to provide sufficient support on the day of the event, so please consult with us at the time of reservation regarding any food items you have a dislike of.

◆About allergies
If you have any allergies, please consult us at the time of reservation.

Dress code
Smart casual wear is recommended for dinner.

There is no smoking area in the entire GOOD NATURE STATION where CAINOYA is located.

Restaurant information


Counter: 7 seats, Room: 6 seats

Operation hours

Thu 12:00〜(No reservation required)
Fri / Sat / Sun / Holiday
12:30- Open
13:00- Start all together
(Reservations required)

Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun, Holiday
Open from 17:30
18:00- Start at once
(Reservations required)

Regular holiday Mondays, Tuesdays, Irregular holidays

Available in private rooms only.

Payment methods

Credit card only


Not Allowed

Address 2Cho-me, Inaricho, 318-6, Shijo-kudaru, Kawaramachidori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Nearest station

Kyoto Kawaramachi, Gionshijyo

Reservation fee (390JPY /seat) is charged upon completing a reservation.
Reservation rules
Current reservation period until Sun Jul 31 2022
Next round opens Jun 1, 2022, 13:00
Maximum frequency 1 time(s) per week
Cancellation policy
After making reservation 30%
3 days prior to the day 50%
on the previous day 100%