Notice of response to the state of emergency
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Azabu Kadowaki

Minato-ku, Tokyo Japanese

Please agree to the following before making a reservation.
Please note that the time you leave the restaurant may differ from the time of your reservation, depending on the situation such as the declaration of a state of emergency by the government.
We may ask you to pay the bill 10 minutes before your departure time.

We do not accept reservations for one person at the counter. Please understand beforehand.


We can order a whole cake for your anniversary for ¥6,600 (tax included).
If you would like to order a cake, please include a message about the plate when you make your reservation.


Seasonal Omakase Course

JPY23,100 (tax included) /guest(s)

■Specially selected "fried food"
① +7,700 yen (tax included) Deep-fried shark's fin
  +5,500 yen (tax included) Deep-fried blowfish (from Nov. 1)

■Specially selected "sashimi"
① +9.900 yen (tax included) Sashimi of autumn truffle and white fish (Sept. 1 to Dec. 14) 
  +9.900 yen (tax included) Sashimi of black truffle and white fish (from Dec. 15)
② +7,700 yen (tax included) Sashimi of grilled matsutake mushroom and white fish (from July 5)
③ +16,500 yen (tax included) Sashimi of white truffle and white fish (from Oct. 1)
 +5,500 yen (tax included) Sashimi of globefish (from Nov. 1)

■Specially selected "grilled dish"
① +15,400 yen (tax included) Grilled matsutake mushroom (from July 5)
  +5,500 yen (tax included) Grilled globefish milt (from Nov. 15)
  +20,900 yen (tax included) Matsuba crab (from Nov. 10)

■Specially selected "chopstick rest"
① +16,500 yen (tax included) Sea urchin and caviar somen noodles (from Nov. 1)   

■Specially selected "one-pot dish"
① +9.900 yen (tax included) Hamo and matsutake mushroom hot pot (from July 5 to Oct.31)
② +9.900 yen (tax included) Hot pot of hamo and matsutake mushroom (from July 5)
③ +16,500 yen (tax included) Shabu-shabu of matsutake mushroom and beef (from July 5)

◼️ Specially selected "rice"
①+16.500 yen (incl. tax) White truffle rice (from Oct. 1)

*In addition, we take service charge.
*Please note that the price may vary depending on market conditions.
*seating is on a two-hour schedule.

*If you have a wide range of allergies and foods you do not like, we might refuse your reservation.
*If you are late or you are leaving in the middle of your time, you may not be able to provide some of the course meals.

Restaurant information




20 Seats

Regular holiday Sunday / Holiday

12 years of age or older (secondary school students or older) No kids menu

Payment methods

Cash, Credit card


Not Allowed


Not Allowed

Address 1F Rose House, 2-7-2, Azabujuban , Minato-ku, Tokyo
Nearest station


Reservation fee (390JPY /seat) is charged upon completing a reservation.
Reservation rules
Current reservation period until Tue Dec 21 2021
Next round opens Oct 22, 2021, 00:00
Maximum frequency 2 time(s) per month
Cancellation policy
7 days prior to the day 50%
3 days prior to the day 100%