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Kitanozaka Kinoshita

Kobe city, Hyogo Italian

Restaurant introduction

【A dish that can only be eaten at Kinoshita, which brings out the best of the ingredients.】
Since returning to Japan from Italy, I have been deepening my knowledge of traditional cuisine while also pursuing modern cooking techniques and theories, using the latest equipment to create dishes with new textures and flavors, and paying attention to every detail. At Kitanozaka Kinoshita, the theme of the cuisine is to "bring out the best of what the ingredients have to offer. While taking into account my experience in Italy, I was born a Japanese and traveled around Japan, and through the producers and the best ingredients I met there, as well as the thoughts and works of the artists, I will express what I feel in each dish with all my heart. Daily devotion, daily gratitude

Owner Chef Noriyuki Kinoshita

【Technology cannot surpass ingredients.】
Matsuba crab, mosasa shrimp, white squid, natural wild vegetables, sea bream from Akashi and Awaji, hamo (pike), natural eel, Awaji Okuda tomatoes, Yamada Nishiki from Himeji, gibier from Tamba, etc. The best ingredients that are not available in the market arrive directly from producers in Hyogo Prefecture from north to south to the kitchen of Kitanozaka Kinoshita.
While keeping in mind the unknown flavors and aromas that come from the combination of ingredients, which I learned at a ristorante in Italy, I create each dish by eliminating unnecessary ingredients.
To further enhance the taste of meat and fish, he uses fully sun-dried salt, which is custom-made by Tanoya Shiojiro, and a variety of umami dashi (soup stock) to bring out the best in the ingredients.

Reservation rules

*If we are unable to accommodate your request due to the number and type of allergies, we regret to inform you that we may have to decline your reservation.
Seafood, in particular, is used extensively in soup stock and other dishes as an important element that determines the taste, and there are many things that cannot be changed.We appreciate your understanding and patience.
It is considerably more difficult to cope if crustaceans, shellfish and fish roe are not available.
For the safety of our customers, we do not allow people with egg or wheat allergies.
We appreciate your understanding and patience.


[Lunch] Chef's Tasting course

JPY22,000 (Tax included)~ /guest(s)

*Please note that we may offer the [Dinner]Chef's Tasting course on an irregular basis.

[Dinner] Chef's Tasting course

JPY27,500 (Tax included)~ /guest(s)

White Truffle Course(11/1~11/30)

JPY49,500 (Tax included)~ /guest(s)

Christmas Course

JPY25,300 (Tax included)~ /guest(s)


Year-end course

JPY21,780 (Tax included)~ /guest(s)

■Lunch course: from 21,780 yen (tax included) 
■Dinner course: from 28,380 yen (tax included)

*In addition, we take 10% service charge.
*Please note that the price may vary depending on market conditions.

*Please do not come to the restaurant wearing strong scents such as perfume. Thank you for your understanding.
*If you have a wide range of allergies and foods you do not like, we might refuse your reservation.
*It will start all at the time of reservation. If you are late or you are leaving in the middle of your time, you may not be able to provide some of the course meals.

Restaurant information



Operation hours


Regular holiday Sundays

12 years old or older (must be able to eat an adult course)

Payment methods

Cash, Credit Card


Not allowed


Not allowed

Address 2F, 1-24-14, Nakayamayamate dori, Chuo-ku , Kobe city, Hyogo
Nearest station

Sannomiya station

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Reservation fee (390JPY /seat) is charged upon completing a reservation.
Reservation rules
Current reservation period until Wed Jul 03 2024
Next round opens Jun 30, 2024, 10:00
Maximum frequency 1 time(s) per quarter
Cancellation policy
7 days prior to the day 30%
3 days prior to the day 50%
2 days prior to the day 100%