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Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Ramen

Store Introduction
Founded in January 2012 in Sugamo, Tokyo, the restaurant began serving soy sauce ramen with black truffles in 2014.
After being awarded the world's first one-star rating by a certain gourmet guide in 2016, the number of foreign customers visiting the restaurant has greatly increased, and the restaurant has grown to become a place where the Japanese broth culture can be conveyed. The restaurant has grown to become a place that conveys the Japanese broth culture. He has also been involved in opening restaurants overseas and producing in-flight meals for international flights.
In 2018, the restaurant was selected as one of TIME WORLD'S GREATEST PLACES BEST 100 by TIME magazine, and in the same year, a photo book of 31 leading Japanese chefs was published by an American publisher (released worldwide).
In 2019, he was nominated as one of the 50 best chefs in the world.
In December 2019, we moved to Yoyogi Uehara, Tokyo to raise the standard of our ramen restaurant.

Our menu uses carefully selected safe and reliable ingredients from Japan and abroad. The fusion of Japanese, Western, and Chinese dishes created from various angles of ideas is the hallmark and synonym of our restaurant because of our extensive knowledge of ingredients and precise techniques.

We hope you will enjoy our space, service, and cuisine that are not limited to a ramen shop.

You can also purchase our products at our online store.

Reservation Rules
Reservations are accepted for table seating only.

Reservation style
Reservations are accepted every Tuesday from 11:00. Reservations are accepted from 11:00 a.m. on Tuesdays and will be taken from Tuesday (or Monday if Tuesday is a national holiday) to Sunday (Monday) of the following week.

Please order one bowl of noodles per person per seat. We have a children's ramen menu, but we also have infant chairs for preschoolers to share, so families can dine together at their leisure.There is also a section for reservations and special notes. If you would like to use an infant chair, please fill out the form.

Please arrive 10 minutes before your reservation time.

Please arrive 10 minutes before your reservation time.
Please do not enter the restaurant if the previous customers have not finished eating or if the seats are not ready.

If you are late for your reservation, please contact us.

If you are late for your reservation, your reservation will be treated as a cancellation and no refund will be made as the food and seats are being prepared. Please come with plenty of time to spare.

If you are late for your reservation, it will be treated as a cancellation and no refund will be made.

Please note that each menu is limited in quantity, so there is a possibility that your desired menu item may be sold out.

There is a limit to the number of ingredients, so please limit your order to one serving per person.

Please note the following
In order for all customers to have a pleasant time at our restaurant, please be sure to share the following information with everyone in your party.

If you have any allergies to any of our dishes, we will not be able to accept your reservation.

If you have any allergies or raw materials, please click here.

Regarding photography in the restaurant
Please only take pictures of the food. Please refrain from taking pictures of our staff or other customers, as it may cause inconvenience.
No smoking in the restaurant, including the waiting area.

Changing the date, time, or number of people in a reservation
Please note that we cannot accept any changes in the number of guests or the date and time of your reservation after it has been made. Please make sure to confirm your order before you place it.
If there is a change in the date, time, or number of guests, we regret to inform you that we will have to cancel your reservation.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the store.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the restaurant.



JPY1,200 〜 /set

Special Ramen (soy sauce or salt) 2,200 yen
Ramen (soy sauce or salt) 1,200 yen

Wagyu Karamen

JPY1,400 〜 /set

Special wagyu tantanmen:2,400 yen
Special wagyu tantanmen:1,400 yen
Special wagyu hot-and-sour noodles:2,400 yen
Special wagyu hot-and-sour noodles:1,400 yen

soup of soumen noodles and various ingredients in a soy sauce broth

JPY1,800 ~ /set

Special SUKIYAKI wagyu taiyoumen: 2,600円
Sukiyaki wagyu taiyoumen: 1,600円

cold Chinese noodles accompanied by soup for dipping

JPY1,800 ~ /set

Special fon de wagyu tsukemen (soy sauce, salt): 2,800 yen
Fon de wagyu tsukemen (soy sauce, salt): 1,800 yen

Children's ramen (limited to children under elementary school age)

JPY400 /set

Soy sauce ramen for children: 300 yen
Shio ramen for children: 300 yen


JPY100 ~ /Count

Special toppings: 1,000 yen
Chashu & Ajitama: 500 yen
Kurobuta pork loin chashu: 300 yen
Aomori shamrock flavored egg: 200 yen
Tutusco (chili pepper sauce): 100 yen


JPY200 ~ /set

A5 Japanese Black Beef Sukiyaki TKG: 800 yen
A5 Japanese Black Beef Wasabi Rice: 800 yen
A5 Japanese Black Beef Garlic Rice: 800 yen
The original truffle-scented TKG: 450 yen
Kujo leek TKG: 500 yen
Uruume bushi TKG:450yen
Roasted Meat TKG:500yen
Seared Meat Rice: 300 yen
Rice: 200 yen

(see details in Appendix 1)
This is the average amount of damage to the order confirmed by the customer at the time of reservation, including seats, toppings, etc.

Restaurant information




23 seats

Operation hours


Regular holiday Mondays(In case of a national holiday, the next day)
Payment methods

Cash, Cards


Not allowed

Address Frontier Yoyogi Uehara B1, 3-2-4 Nishihara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Nearest station

Yoyogi Uehara

Reservation fee (390JPY /seat) is charged upon completing a reservation.
Reservation rules
Current reservation period until Sun Sep 26 2021
Next round opens Sep 21, 2021, 11:00
Maximum frequency unlimited
Cancellation policy
After making reservation 50%
on the previous day 100%

cancellation policy 100% = 2,000 yen/person