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Delivery french

Reservation rules

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
The date you select at the time of pre-order will be the scheduled shipping date of the product.
The date you select for pre-order is the scheduled shipping date.
The date you select at the time of reservation is the scheduled shipping date.
Please choose from two shipping options when you select the course.


Terrine de chocolat

JPY4,860 (tax included) /Count

Our terrine de chocolat changes its taste and flavor with each season.
This time, we have added the pure and green flavors of Japanese pepper, green lime, and EXV olive oil to the high quality cocoa base.
Thaw at room temperature for about an hour and cut into pieces with a warm knife.
You can enjoy it semi-frozen, refrigerated, or at room temperature.
Sprinkle a little natural salt to accentuate the flavor. Enjoy the exquisite mouth feel and delicate taste of cocoa.

Contents] Approx. 450 g (235 L x 50 W x 40 H) Serves 2 to 8 people
Shelf life: 14 days frozen after arrival, 3 days in the refrigerator after thawing.
Storage] Freezing required -18°C or below *Thaw in the refrigerator before serving.
Delivery condition] Frozen
Ingredients] Chocolate, butter, eggs, sugar, olive oil, lime juice, lime peel, pepper.
Seven major allergens] egg, milk


JPY8,800 (tax included) /Count

You can enjoy Azul et Masaueki's bouillabaisse at home.
The bouillabaisse soup is made from a variety of ingredients such as tiger prawns, blowfish, milt and Saikyo miso.
Please enjoy our original bouillabaisse with a variety of seasonal seafood.

For 2 persons (XX cc)

【Shelf life】
2 days after arrival *For details, please refer to the product label.
After thawing, please consume within the same day.

【Storage Method】
Freezing required -18°C or less

Blowfish, bai clams, squid, bamboo shoots, staple peas, fava beans, whole tomatoes, saffron, lemongrass, onions, celery, Saikyo miso, blowfish milt, butter, finocchio, tiger prawns

【Seven main allergens】
Milk, Shrimp

Shipping (choose from two types)

JPY1,150 ~ /delivery

Shipping fee (choose from two types)
1,150 yen ~ / delivery
Please select "Pay-on-delivery" or "Pay in advance" when you select the course (before confirming your reservation).
This is the most efficient shipping rate depending on the distance and number of items. Please select this option in principle.
If you have any questions, please contact us.
 Please note that you will be charged a flat rate for shipping regardless of the distance, quantity, or package.

(Please note that a flat shipping fee will be charged regardless of the distance, quantity, package, etc.) Also, based on the date you choose at the time of reservation, the item will be shipped within 3 days.

※Yamato Transport cool delivery

Common Items
Mash Life Lab AZUR et MASA UEKI
Kojimachi Dai Building, 5-7-1 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083, Japan

The product will be shipped within 3 days based on the date you choose at the time of reservation.
Please confirm your reservation for one delivery address/one type.
Please choose from two shipping options when selecting a course.
We cannot accommodate individual allergies.

No changes (date, time, shipping information, quantity, etc.), cancellations, or refunds can be made for any reason after the reservation has been confirmed.
Please note that we are unable to provide refunds in the event that delivery cannot be made or is delayed due to a customer's convenience, such as an incorrectly entered address or absence from home, since the food is delivered with an expiration date.

Please note that we are unable to respond to individual allergies or deliver to remote islands or certain areas.
Please inquire about the use of each item at the OMAKASE inquiry desk before purchasing.

Restaurant information

Address Delivery
It charges a fee of 390 yen per one at the time of a reservation.
Reservation rules
Current reservation period until Sat Jul 31 2021
Prepaid fee 100% of the price
Maximum frequency unlimited
Cancellation policy
After making reservation 100%