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Tanakada Nishiazabuten (Transport)


New Year's Treasure Box (Osechi) for 4-5 people

JPY46,090 (tax included) /count

Product contents/raw materials
Black soybean
Baby kelp
Sweet and sour pickled turnip
Chestnut Kinto
Salmon roe in soy sauce
Spicy cod roe
Fugu chirinabe (with vegetables and ponzu sauce)

4 to 5 persons

Consumption period
Up to Jan. 2
Please refer to the product label of each product for details.

Storage Method
Refrigerated (below 10 degrees)

Delivery date
Please choose from December 31, 2021 and January 1, 2022.

Delivery time
No time preference / mid-morning / 2-4pm / 4-6pm / 6-8pm
We will ask you when you would like your order to be delivered.
We will ask you for your preferred time of delivery. Please understand in advance.

Black soybeans
Black soybeans (from Tanba), sugar, sorbitol, trehalose
Kombu (kelp)
Herring roe, kelp, bonito soup stock, dark soy sauce, mirin, vinegar, red pepper (including soybeans and wheat)
Sweet and sour pickled turnip
Shogoin kabu, vinegar, sugar, salt, kombu, yuzu, chili (including soybeans and wheat)
Chestnut Kinto
Chestnuts (chestnut, sugar), green beans, sugar, agar, glycine, colorant (gardenia), antioxidant (VC), bleaching agent (sodium hyposulfite)
Salmon roe in soy sauce
Salmon roe (domestic), reduced syrup, rice fermentation, seasoning, soy sauce, salt, sugar, sake, kelp extract, dried bonito extract, yeast extract
Seasoning (amino acids, etc.) (including wheat, salmon roe, and soybeans)
Spicy cod roe
Spicy cod roe (from the U.S. or Russia), kelp, salt, chili pepper, brewing seasoning/seasoning (amino acids, etc.)
Seasoning (amino acids, etc.), Sorbit, Antioxidant (vitamin C), Niacin, Sweetener (stevia extract), Colorant, Enzyme (contains wheat, milk ingredients, soybeans, and gelatin)
Beef, beef tendon, onion, carrot, celery, garlic, ginger, honey, grape juice, curry powder, spices, wheat flour, sugar
Seasoning (amino acids, etc.), cheese powder, flavoring, (contains soybeans)
Fugu chirinabe (with vegetables and ponzu sauce)
Torafugu (from Nagasaki), Chinese cabbage, Hakata garland chrysanthemum (from Itoshima, safe and secure), Shimonita leek, shiitake mushroom
Enoki mushrooms, silken tofu, kombu, salt, yuzu kosho, grated radish, chili pepper, duck head leek

Wheat, soybeans, milk ingredients, salmon eggs, gelatin

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