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Delivery Ramen/ Creative meal

Reservation rules

※It`s advance payment system by your credit card which was registered on OMAKASE.
※The date you select when booking will be the scheduled shipping date. And we send the product in a week.
※Since food is delivered with an expiration date, refunds won`t be accepted if delivery is impossible or delayed due to customer error such as incorrect address entry or absence.


GENEI at Home "Hot and Spicy Nuts Soupless Toodle Soup" 4-serving set

JPY6,600 (tax inc.)~ /set

"Genei" at home Shiokaoru Shoyu Ramen 4 servings set

JPY5,610 (tax inc.)〜 /Set

Genei at Home" Ebi-scented Soy Sauce Ramen 4 servings set

JPY6,800 (Tax included) /Set

・Expiration date: After delivery 
Refrigerated "within 7 days after arrival

・Ingredients: Noodles (wheat flour, egg, brine), Stewed pork (pork, mirin, soy sauce), Sauce (soy sauce, onion oil, sesame oil, shrimp oil, oyster sauce, dried bonito flakes, dried mackerel flakes, dried shiitake mushrooms, kombu, roasted sea eel)

・Allergy: wheat, soybean, shrimp, egg

"Genei" at home: GENEI.WAGAN Chongqing nuts Dandan noodles

JPY7,800 (Tax incl.)- /Set

『GENEI at Home』 Genei-Ryu Ramen 《Kumamoto Ramen》 4 Servings Set

JPY6,800 (Tax incl.)~ /set

Expiration date: After delivery
Refrigerated "within 5 days after arrival

※Please make sure to eat the soup within 5 days after arrival. Please eat it within 5 days of arrival.

Genei-ryu Ramen
Noodles (wheat, egg, brine) Chashu (pork, mirin, soy sauce) Wood ear, flavored oil (lard, sesame oil, garlic) Soy sauce (soy sauce, dried bonito flakes, mackerel flakes, dried seaweed flakes, dried shiitake mushrooms, kelp, grilled sea eel)

Genei Ramen soup (cartilage, pork, potato, onion, garlic, ginger, leek) x (270g) servings  
Noodles (150g) x number of servings 
Chashu (pork) (30g) x number of servings Wood ear (10g) x number of servings   
Spice oil (20g) x number of servings 
Soy sauce (25g) x number of servings                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Contains 7 main allergens
Wheat, soybean, shrimp, egg

Limited to 3 servings per day! Experiential Ordering Gourmet "Wine Aged Spare Ribs Confit & Seasonal Vegetable Ahijos" 2-Serving Set + "GENEI at Home" Soy Sauce Noodles 2-Serving Set

JPY9,800 (Tax included) /Set

・Expiration date: After delivery
Refrigeration required "within 5 days after arrival

・[Ahijyo] GENEI original ahijyo oil (olive oil, super premium shrimp soy sauce, garlic, herbs) Spare ribs (spare ribs, super premium shrimp soy sauce, red wine, mirin, garlic, herbs) 3 kinds of seasonal vegetables
Noodles (wheat/egg/brine) Char-siu (pork/mirin/soy sauce) Sauce (soy sauce/leek onion/goma oil/bonito flakes/mackerel flakes/dried shiitake mushrooms/kombu/grilled seaweed)

・Contents: 《Ahijyo》 GENEI original ahijyo oil: (315g) Spare ribs: (70g) x 4 Seasonal vegetables: (3 kinds) x 2
Chao Kaoru Shoyu Ramen》 Noodles (130g) x 2, Char-siu (30g) x 2, Sauce (36g) x 2 Storage: (Ahijio Oil, Seasonal Vegetables, Spare Ribs) Must be refrigerated.

・Allergies: Wheat, soybeans, shrimp, eggs.

※It`s advance payment system by your credit card which was registered on OMAKASE and is including tax. We can`t refund it regardless of any reason. Please make your reservation after confirmation.
※By one reservation only as for one kind. When you want plural kinds, you divide it into multiple times, and please make a reservation.
※If you would like to use a noshi (wrapping paper), please write your name and address (or corporate name) in the "Special Instructions" box.

※Please eat it as early as possible after you receive on the day.
※Please note that you can`t do the correspondence to an individual allergy deliver to remote islands and some areas.
Thank you for your understanding.
※Please ask to information if you need to know about allergic products.
※You can`t change, a time change, the number change, the cancellation in a schedule after the reservation completion and can`t cancel it regardless of any reason. Please come at your reservation time.

Restaurant information



Address Delivery
Nearest station


It charges a fee of 390 yen per one at the time of a reservation.
Reservation rules
Current reservation period until Tue Aug 31 2021
Prepaid fee 100% of the price
Maximum frequency unlimited
Cancellation policy
After making reservation 100%

It can`t change, a time change, the number change, the cancellation in a schedule after the reservation completion. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.